First Quarter 2021 Challenges


One of the things I truly enjoyed in 2020 were the challenges I completed.  First it helped with variety in activities and second it helped to challenge different areas.  I really felt it helped with stagnation.  

So this year, I wanted to be more intentional with challenges.  Here is the one negative thing I would say, I did too many challenges this first quarter and it reduced my enjoyment with them which lead to be not being fully engaged with that the last few challenges.  More challenges than last year, but fewer challenges than balls to the wall.  I think maybe one challenge per month is my ideal.

Challenges completed First Quarter 2020:

Carnivore: one week of meat only.  It was a decent reset and assisted exactly how I wanted it to.

Minimalism game: perfection.  I think this should be a yearly game I should play to help with creep and as a checks and balances with my consumerism.  

Go Ruck Tribe: this one is a 4 year challenge, but I have thoroughly enjoyed this challenge as it is beyond the physical challenge.

No buy challenges: really, really excellent paired with minimalism and decluttering.  I don't think you should be allowed to declutter and buy things.  Why?  Because we want to buy organizational things when we are decluttering instead.  Organization isn't decluttering.  Buying organization crap doesn't actually help get rid of things.  

Push-up challenge: meh

Social/Media fast: rock on with the free world!  I loved this.  One thing I need to do more often is to step away from all electronics for longer periods of time.  It is such a godsend.  

Jump rope challenge: I am surprised by how much I enjoyed this.  So great to watch the rapid progress and I loved that I was working out totally different areas of my legs.  

Goggins 4x4x48: this is stupid.  Straight up stupid.  Like ridiculously stupid....  And I want to do it again.  I want to do more stupid things like this.  Like maybe one really stupid thing a quarter.  

I still haven't purchase a material item since January 14th and that feels really good.  I don't feel like I need anything.  Well, that's not fully true.  

I would love to go get a white button down.  I have one that isn't quite working for me. 

 And a new white tee because mine isn't truly white any more.  Two things though, I would prefer to learn how to whiten and brighten my whites as they shouldn't be disposable when they turn a bit dingy.  The other thing is that I have other white shirts that I can pull out and use instead and should use those first.  

Now I gotta see what I can come up with second quarter.... this should be fun!

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