Favorite Books - 2021

 This is going to be a surprisingly long list considering I'm writing this not even a full 2 months into the year.  Several of these are re-reads which means they rank really high on my list.  Sorry, I'm not the best book reviewer because I don't wanna be.  I just wanna say, yo, read this shit.  All but one of these books were checked out from the library.  Be smart with your money peeps.

Yo, read this shit:

This tops my list of magickal writings read so far this year.  If you want to work on your health, your goals, your ability to manifest and align your reality with where you want to go, this!

Excellent book that is part of our GoRuck Tribe challenge.  

I truly enjoyed this book.  It is a bit different in that it is a collection of stories from a diverse group of veterans.  I love that it shared the struggles in such a way that you could hear the connection even when the story was different.

Excellent book on minimalism.  The silent to do list the author mentions is the most significant piece you can take away from this.  Here is one woman's take on this concept that I found useful: click here.

So good!  I stopped several times to tell Beardo about various concepts from this book.  Goes nicely with the first book in this list.

Short and sweet.

Great motivational read to reduce what you own or what owns you!

Seriously, stop what you are doing right now and go read this.  This was my second time reading this.  And I forget how disgusted I get with my technology habits and how addictive this is.

Phil and I will be rereading this in March as part of the GoRuck Tribe challenge.  I am not sure how many times I've read this.  This is in my top favorite books of all times.  While it is fiction, it will make you question why you haven't had the balls to live your own life.  

We aren't surprised I read this again, are we?  Phenomenal book!

This was a reread as part of the GoRuck Tribe challenge.  Excellent book about what it means to belong and transitions in our lives especially for our veterans.

I read this in preparation for our Tough Mudder in April.  It was so fun and it makes me even more proud to do this event!!!

Excellent read!  

Do you have any books you have read recently that you would recommend?  I read practically any genre so hit me with your favorites!

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