Less Is Now- Reduction Challenge

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In Less Is Now, the Minimalist end with a challenge to reduce items every day for the month of January.  Reduce 1 on the 1st, 2 on the 2nd.... 31 items on the 31st.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge until the last week.  

One note is that I tried to keep this challenge to just my items.  I would have had to reduce items that I love, use, or need if I had truly kept it to my items.  But even so, I felt is was a great reminder to walk gently on the earth.  

Don't be a jerk!

I started with my bathroom.  Who knew I had so many items in there?  Well I did, because I hoard things.  Yes, I need 20 concealers because I will run out of one and there will be a state of emergency when I will need them all.  

Why do we do this?  

We had less than we truly needed at some point.  I remember begging for food as a child.  Being so incredibly hungry.  Not having enough is a tissue deep fear of mine that I am continuously working on.

We feel guilty for wasting money.  What we forget is that we already wasted the money.  Lugging items around in penance does not mitigate the waste.  And continual punishment doesn't help.  Make note of what you tend to waste money on a become better and let the stupid item go.

We have the space for it so why not keep it?  The problem is that at some point you won't have space.  And having space for it does not mitigate the impact of having all those items on the brain by which affects the body.  

Anyhow, challenge complete.  I still have a few more blushes than what I need, but I love each one I kept.  I have considerably less skin care, cosmetics, hair baubles.  

If you can, I highly recommend this challenge.  Take it as far as you can, but keep in mind that you don't have to rid of things you love, use, or need.  Marie Kondo that shit!  

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