For Today: Be

Gather ye rose-buds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying;
And this same flower that smiles today
Tomorrow will be dying.


Reduce distractions: you cannot stop and gather the rosebuds with your nose stuck in your phone.  Duh.  We get tired of hearing it.  We get tired of telling ourselves this.  But then we get the itch and the twitch and we forget that technology can be a real addiction.  Your brain gives you a little buzz of happiness every time you push a button.  

Go for a walk and leave your phone and smartwatch at home.  Start small and provide yourself a little space to be present.

Be present: goldfish have better attention spans than you do.  For practice, when you go to take your next sip of coffee (tea, water, vodka) actually taste it.  How does the cup feel against your lip?  Is there a strong smell?  Do you taste the nuances in the coffee beans?  

Remember when you met your significant other?  Do you remember hanging on their every word?  Do you even hear them when they talk now?  Stop and give them, for just a moment, the same focus you used to.

Do you remember when your child was a newborn and memorizing the shape of their fingers and now all they do is natter on about stupid teenage drama?

This is the only Today you will get.  Tomorrow will eventually be today, but it will be a completely different Today.  Be present for this one.

What to do about goals and future planning: in order to give this day it's space, you also need to give your goals their own space.  If you take the time to properly lay everything out, you can maintain your vision for the future with just a moments time and stay present while you do it.  

I have listed out my goals for the year.  I then broke them down into quarterly goals.  Those quarterly goals were then made into tasks assigned out for 3 months.  Those tasks then make it into my weekly and daily goals.  

I spent the time at the beginning of the year, just a few days, to set myself up to be more present Today while also inch worming my way towards the future I craft.  My future and my goals do not come at the expense of Today.  

The Past: buh buh buu-uh-uh-uh 💀💀💀

Every single day, you are a completely different you.  👏👏

Every. single. day.

Today, you can be the you that shines bright and radiates the compassion and joy that is your spirit.  Or today, you can not be aware of your spirit and you can be dragging around the corpse of yesterday throwing it into your face over and over again to prove what a shit you are.  Fucking bury yesterday.  Learn the lesson you need, but bury it.  You aren't you from yesterday.  You aren't you from a year ago.  Don't mourn that shit, celebrate it!  

If Today is too big, start small.  For the next minute: Be present.  Be authentic.  Be.  

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