February Challenges

 I tried creating my own challenge.  A push-up challenge of 100 push-ups every day no matter how ugly they are.  I don't think I had as much benefit from them as I was hoping for.  I think I am going to have to take on a longer one.  Maybe this one or this one?  

This week's challenge is a one week social media fast.  🙌 I am ridiculously excited for this one.  Instead of social media, I am going to be working on reducing, reorganizing, and cleaning the house.  Do you know what's hard?  Organizing without spending money.  I know it isn't really all that hard, but dude!  I'm on the struggle bus wanting to either buy organizers or make a list of organizers and NO!  

Speaking of which, it is now coming up on one month of my continued no buy.  Minimizing things at the same time helps and hurts.  I'm like, this white tee isn't really working for me.  It can go.  Oh, but now I don't have a white tee.  I should buy a new one.  Dammit, pulls back out white tee because a rumply collar white tee is better than no tee.  Just saying.  

Elimination diet so far: no reaction to garlic 🙏, thyme I think caused a really bad headache so I will have to test this again later one, I had to switch things up because I was missing an herb so I am currently testing cloves and will be testing eggs on Sunday.  

How are you stretching yourself?

Transforming my life in 2021 to optimize joy!

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