February Challenge Review - Social Media Fast

@brockuniversity Social Media

 Things I learned during my one week media fast:

1) I have more time without social media


Shocking, right?

Seriously though, I was able to get so much more done.  I should note that I uninstalled social media apps, games, and cut out YouTube as well.  I cut out games because I knew I would look for some other distraction if I cut out media.  

To be fully serious, I was surprised by how much more I got done during this time.  I'd like to continue doing this moving forward but I will tell you that I am an all or nothing person.  I either have to consume all the media all the time or none at all.  

I think I need to set a rule around media.  Something like, no media consumption until after I have my daily tasks complete or no media until after 5 p.m.  

How do you protect your time?

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