The Planner I am using in 2021

 We have been neck deep in planning for 2021 and wanted to share the planner we selected for this year as well as ones we have used in the past.  Let me know if you would like more information on any particular planner or journal!  

This year we are working with the Clever Fox planner: 

I chose this one as it is an A5 size and I liked the deluxe stickers, lol.  Yes, I take great delight in fun stickers.  I chose to go with the weekly planner for a couple reasons.  One of my complaints with other planners that I've used in the past is that there is a large amount of the planner that goes unused by me.  I have no use for an hourly calendar for instance.  There was redundancy between it and my journal.  I needed something simpler to save on time, but still had goal planning as part of it.  Viola!  Beardo actually found this and I jumped right on it!  

Here is the full sized one he is using:

Rachel Hollis' priority planner is a great planner if you need an hourly schedule and would like to spend a bit more time with fun things like motivational songs for the week, a favorite thing of mine:

Beardo has used Brendon Burchard's High Performance Planner for a long while.  It is a great one if you really want to dive into habits that can really change your life:

and a planner I will continue to use as I find the practice profoundly affective for my internal being:

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