Taking a Break?

Taking a Break"Taking a Break" by Ian Livesey is licensed under CC PDM 1.0

 Are you considering taking a break?

Are you currently on break?

I took a break.  And I learned a lesson.  

I can't take a break from certain things.  I can change focus or change the activity, but I can't take a break.

I took a break from my diet and my brain heard that I was taking a break from eating healthy things. 

I took a break from my running plan and my brain heard that I was taking a break from moving my body.  

I am so thankful for this lesson!  We truly need to pay attention to what we are saying to ourselves as well as how our internal monologues are interpreting what we are saying to ourselves.  

Here are some rules or definition I hold:

I move my body every day.  

I nourish my body.  

These are not things that I should ever take a break from.  Having dessert is not taking a break, it's a blessing that grant my spirit while knowing it's not an everyday burden to my body.  

Walking for 30 minutes a day instead of running a bazillion miles, well that just makes sense sometimes.  

Have you ever found that what you said and what you did were two different things, unintentionally?  

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