A Year of Challenges

2nd Brigade 2018 Ranger Challenge"2nd Brigade 2018 Ranger Challenge" by U.S. Army ROTC is licensed under CC PDM 1.0

 I am enamored with weeks.  Weeks.  Bizarre, I know.  I love counting down.  Dividing things into bite sized chunks.  This year, I am focusing on weeks.  We get 52 of them.  Well, 51 when this is published.  How will you spend your 52 weeks?

One of the things I truly enjoy are challenges.  And challenges often come in week increments.  I did a 3,000 burpee challenge last year and the only thing I regret about it is I didn't set a time frame for it so it took longer than it should have.

This year I am doing no buy and low buy challenges, pushup challenges, jump rope challenges, etc...  And I will be keeping an eye out for other challenges to take part in.  

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These are just some ideas to start with.  

For the month of January, we are doing a reduction challenge where on day 1 we trash, donate, sell 1 item.  Day 2 is 2 items, etc...  I'll write more about this later.

Week 2: I am doing a 1 week Carnivore diet to kickstart a belated elimination diet.

Week 3-10: Elimination diet with reaction time based on my food sensitivity test results.

Week 3: No buy 1 week challenge.

In the month of February, not for sure when, I am doing another no buy challenge as well as a 30 day push up challenge.

In the month of March, not for sure when, I am doing another no buy challenge, a jump rope challenge, and a media fast.  

My financial, physical, spiritual, and mental health are really important to me.  No buy challenges allow me to really focus on my financial health from a positive perspective, same with each one of the other challenges.  

What challenges are you interested in?

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