3 Days To Smash Those Goals

Some smashing shorts ...

 The single most important thing you can possess when turning goals into reality is consistency.  It's not perfection.  It's not luck.  It's having the strength and courage to show up over and over again.  The balls to get up over and over again.  Baby steps when needed and giant leaps when the energy is there.

That's all.  

Progress over perfection.

So as you look at making 2021 your best year ever, know your energy at times with flag.  Where you will lose focus and forget your priorities.  And that's ok.

Here is your reminder that there are 3 days left of January.  3 days to make progress.  3 days to practice consistency.  3 days to smash goals.  

Here is what I'm doing with my last 3 days to finish the month off well: nourishing my body, moving my body with weight lifting and rucking a total of 12 miles, writing 2 blog posts, finishing another unit in my herbal course, reducing 90 items in my house to finish of my January challenge, continuing my elimination diet, and just in general being a massive badass.  

What about you?

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