2nd Challenge of 2021 Complete - No Buy

Cash Money

 I have gone off the rails with my spending and feeling like "we deserve" and "everyone else" and every other excuse possible.  As with all things, I needed a reminder of 

  1. my main goal to be out of consumer debt 
  2. people over things 
  3. I thrive with less
So to kickstart things, just like I did with the carnivore diet, I just completed a 1 week challenge to not buy anything not essential.  

How did I do?  

I didn't buy anything at all.  I know that isn't sustainable because the car needs gas, we need groceries, and I need to pay for essential bills such as our mortgage.

I felt so good doing this while also working on our elimination challenge.  So I am continuing this.  Let's see how far I can go before I buy a non-essential.  

Because people need rules, here are my rules for what is non-essential:
  • more expensive version of what is needed such as splurging on a high end shampoo when a cheaper version provides the same benefits
  • does not fulfill an essential need such as energy drinks
  • when I already have something on hand that suits the purpose
Well those rules are disappointing, but it is more of a feeling.  I know when I am making excuses deep down.  

Don't mock me on this one, so before this started I ran to the grocery store already with it in my head that I need to economize.  I needed cucumbers.  I have been grabbing the English cucumbers because they don't need to be peeled.  They are like 3 times the price of regular cucumbers.  I bought regulars and peeled them.  I saved $5 on cucumbers.  $5 isn't much, but if I buy cucumbers every 2 weeks that's a savings of 26 X 5 = $130 in a year just on silly cucumbers.  

5 years ago, English cucumbers would have never been an option because things were so tight.  We had done so much hard work that it is no longer the case, but I forget that I want to get out of debt because I don't want to worry about getting calls from debtors ever again.  I don't want my children to use their Christmas money to buy school supplies ever again.  First world problems and I know I am so very blessed that I had a phone to receive debtor calls on, that we had a roof over our heads, and that we had any thing to eat.  We were privileged.  We are privileged.  And I want to do powerful things with our money.  Not buy English cucumbers.  

Transforming my life in 2021 to optimize joy!

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