2020 Favorite Books

I read and listen to a lot of books so granular details unfortunately aren't going to happen unless I do it immediately after consuming the book.  When I look over all the books I checked out from the library, these are the ones that stand out.  I found either the whole book great or something provoked a thought.  There are so many books that are just a regurgitation of other books that too often not even a thought blossoms.  I hope you enjoy

The Rise of the Ultra Runners

The New Rules Running

Running with the Kenyans

Inspired  - Read at least twice


The Power of Habit - Read at least twice

Flow - Read at least twice

The Nordic Theory of Everything

The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee - Read at least twice

Tribe - Read at least twice


The Paradox of Choice

Stamped--Racism, Antiracism, and You

Straight Up

White Fragility

The Hate U Give

The Incomplete Book of Running

Dolly Parton, Songteller

The Good Earth - Reread

High Magick 

Earthlings - Frickin bizarre!

Forest Bathing

Smarter Faster Better - Took a lot of notes and rereading this month

Body Love - Read twice and purchased the second one in series in print

The Magic of Marie Laveau - Read twice and purchased in print

Stamped from the Beginning

Transforming my life in 2021 to optimize joy!

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