1st Challenge of 2021 Complete


"File:Africa-animal-big-carnivore-87410.jpeg" by Petr Kratochvil is licensed under CC0 1.0

 < said in a booming voice > I declare 2021 as the year of challenges!

< crowd responds in a southern belle voice while grasping chest > why I do declare! 

hahaha.  So my first challenge of the year, for the 2nd week, was to eat only meat for a week.  

and.... drum roll 🥁... it was a success

The underlying goal was to cut some bad habits off at the knees and reduce bloat while also restarting my elimination diet.  The elimination diet is wrapping up my last year's goal to increase my energy levels.  And then Thanksgiving hit and I did everything I could to undermine that goal.  Yay, I can start over right now.  Don't need to wait till tomorrow or next week or... just start and restart and restart.

It definitely was a whiny bitch challenge while also not truly being a challenge.  If you've ever dealt with true hunger, you know that any food is a blessing.

So this week starts the week of No Buy.  The carnivore is part of my goal of: I nourish my body.  The No Buy challenge supports my goal of: I am student loan free.  The idea is that I don't buy anything absolutely nonessential for one week January, two weeks in February, and then No Buy all of March.  


Transforming my life in 2021 to optimize joy!

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