Giving Back

 I have been on both sides.  The side going hungry and the side able to give from abundance.  It hurts my heart so deeply that 1 in 4 children here in Alabama struggle with hunger and it scares me how many are even hungrier because of Covid.

I got breakfast and lunch only because I was in school and received it for free when I was young.  How many children in your area are facing the same thing?

I don't want to assume a single thing, because I've been there.  If you need help yourself, reach out!  If you find yourself in the place where you can help, please consider it.  

I put in another request to volunteer and will be looking for a donation center.  If I can help one person just a little bit this winter.  

Please consider finding a way to celebrate the abundance that you have, even if it doesn't look like my abundance, or your neighbors abundance.

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