Back on Track

Rail tracks at Dulwich hill"Rail tracks at Dulwich hill" by wyncliffe is licensed under CC0 1.0

 The thrill, the allure, and the fun of the holidays can pull us off track.  Or that's what we tell ourselves.  We want to live life to the fullest and live a healthy life.  While at times these might seem mutually exclusive, they shouldn't be.

We aren't looking for an "perfectly 'clean' diet".  We aren't looking for peak fitness.  We aren't professional athletes who can devote a work day towards physical perfection.  (I apologize if you are a professional athlete!)

We are looking for healthy.  We are looking for a sustainable life.

This means that sometimes we enjoy foods that don't provide perfectly balanced macronutrients.  Sometimes we slow the physical down.  And we don't berate ourselves.  

This is a process.  An evolution.  Green smoothies and sometimes nachos.  14 mile runs and Netflix marathons.  

You aren't getting "back on track"!  You are practicing a healthy lifestyle of balance.  One where you enjoy the life sustaining green smoothies and body wiggling goodness of fudge.  You don't want to feel out of control.  But, you also haven't fallen off the wagon if you return to your health plan.  If you return, then it is part of your life plan.

Make sense?

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