Storyteller - Who Are You?


Who Are You?

I was listening to a book written by a Tibetan monk the other morning.  He was discussing a meditation practice to determine who within himself was feeling a specific thing.  It had nothing to do with what we will be discussing here, but it triggered a great question that will help us in our journey.  

Who are you currently?  Who are you in the future?  Who are you in the past?  

I realize I am misusing the tense in the verbs up above, but it is on purpose.  Who you were in the past and who you are in the past are 2 different things.  We want to become aware of who we are right now and who we are in relationship to our past and future selves.

When I am feeling like I am not enough, it isn’t because of who I am right now.  It is because of who I was in my previous marriage.  It is because of who I was as a small child.  It is because of who I am in the past.  Who I am though can be healed, but we need to pay attention to so we know there is the potential for healing.  

I recently learned that I earn more than my ex-husband.  My little vindictive bitch came out and snickered and snickered.  I even made sure to tell several people.  And then I remembered this particular lesson.  That behavior is not who I am right now.  I have released the hurt and pain from my marriage.  I truly want the best for my ex-husband.  I want him to thrive and through his thriving I want my children to have a rich and abundant relationship with him.

Who I am in the past is a wounded child who felt like I wasn’t enough and by earning more there is someone that believes I am worth more.  When said out loud the flawed logic is obvious.  

I am so thankful for this continued lessons and continued opportunities to learn and grow.

So who am I in the future?

Stay tuned for the next chapter of... The... Storyteller (said in Vincent Price's voice). Muah ah ah ah.

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