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Samhain is the Gaelic name for the holiday that we know as Halloween.  The Celts had 2 seasons.  Samhain and SetSamhain (which means Not Samhain, also known as Beltane).  Samhain begins the dark half of the year.  It is a time of reflection.  It is a time of rest.  It is also seen as the New Year.  

I believe in utilizing the forces around me to empower my goals.  We can utilize this time period to begin our work for our new year.  It's a great time to start thinking about your word.

 I wrote about One Word in the post above.  It becomes your theme or mantra for the year.  My focus for this year has been on energy.  I am still working with this word and working to make out my energy physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.  I've made some amazing progress with it.

So I am looking to embrace a new word for next year and this isn't some snatch up a word and run with it thing.  There is a lot of prayer and contemplation.  And with enough foresight, this year I can make or have custom made things to represent the word for me.  Hat, tee, jewelry, etc...

Are you considering using a word for your focus for next year?  What are you considering?  

I am playing with the idea of magick, manifestation, the Magician in Tarot.  I love the idea of focusing on visualizing my why, the end goal, etc... as a focal for the year.  Yes, I already do that, but I'm thinking of taking it to a mastery level.  

I know how to build energy, but this year has been about mastering it.  So I am still working on discovering sensitivities to foods as I know my energy levels are being greatly affected.  

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