Forgiveness, Anger, and Fear

To understand everything is to forgive everything"To understand everything is to forgive everything" by Wendelin Jacober is licensed under CC0 1.0

There is a beautiful story of 2 monks walking back to their monastery.  

A young woman walks up to them and asks to be carried across the river as her daughter was waiting all night for her and could be heard crying for her mother.  One of the monk sees her suffering and carries her across.  

As the monks continue on the way, the other monk can't stop thinking about what happened.  The monk touched the soft skin of the woman as he carried her.  He spoke to that sweet face.  He felt her tender breath against his neck as he carried her.  So many rules broken.  

Finally, he bursts out, "how could you carry her?"  The monk simply says, "I put her down a mile ago.  You are still carrying her in your mind."

Do you find yourself caught up in playing out scenarios in your mind over and over again?  Do you find yourself inventing scenarios?  Do you find yourself reacting in anger when fear is the basis of your reaction?

Are you carrying someone else's sin in your heart?  If so, is it theirs or yours?  Are you withholding forgiveness?  Are you reacting in anger to hide from your fear?  

Just recognize where you are at.  Sit with it.  Love yourself for getting you here today and love yourself for understanding yourself better.  And when it feels right to, consider, is there a better course of action?

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