Are You on AutoPilot?

USMC Female Harrier Fighter Pilot Capt Kelsey Casey"USMC Female Harrier Fighter Pilot Capt Kelsey Casey" by aviatrix20141 is licensed under CC PDM 1.0

Our tendency to go on autopilot is astonishing and scary at times.  Have you ever driven somewhere and you don’t remember the drive?  How freaking scary is that when it happens?  Going on autopilot reminds me of the movie Click.  We zone out and our morning is gone.  We zone out and our work day is gone.  We zone out and it’s time to climb into bed.  No intention behind our actions.  No life lived in the moments of our day.  It’s quite gross when you stop and think about it.  If you died right after reading this sentence, well if you actually read this sentence versus your eyes floating over the words and not actually taking it in.  Yeah, we’ve all had to reread paragraphs and pages because we didn’t actually read anything.

My mother-in-law is suffering from dementia.  She was an avid reader and still “reads” but she sits there staring at a page and periodically changes the page.  She could not tell you what the book is about, who the author is, or any detail.  She just goes through the motion.  

Are you living your life as if you have dementia?  Going back to my earlier question that I didn’t finish.  What if you died right after reading this, will you remember anything about this day?  Did you live this day with any sort of intention that would make you proud?  I’m not asking if you lived as if it was your last, but would you be like “dude, I wasted that day by not even being present.”  Are you dead while still alive?

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  1. It really is all about setting intent! Thank you for reminding me to live life fully each day!