We are In The End Times!!!

 ***insert panicked screaming, arms flailing, chaos, mayhem***

or just know the end of the year is coming

I'm taking a look at the goals I set for this year and see if I tweak my schedule, can I wrap some of those tasks up quickly?  

I'm not going to accomplish everything and that's ok.  It's actually a bit by design.  I want to try to achieve more than I think I can.  Why?  These are called stretch goals.

You gotta stretch to make them happen.  Sometimes you hit them even though they aren't probable.  When you do, it makes you realize you have more potential than you imaged.  And you are always more powerful than you imaged.  That's just fact.  

Sometimes you won't hit them and that's ok.

So here we are in the end times of the year trying to wrap it up all neat and tidy.

I'm a little short on some health goals so I am cleaning up my diet, adding in a bit more exercise, and gonna nail the health goals.  That's going to be my primary goal for the next couple of weeks.

What's going to be yours?

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