You are a storyteller.  Your life thrives or dies based on the stories you tell.  Life doesn't happen to you, it happens for you and as soon as you begin telling yourself this, the sooner life will blossom for you.

This is such an intrinsic, fundamental, and life changing thing I would like to spend some time talking about it.  

At a high level to begin with, your words and thoughts create the reality of your life.  If you think you are having a great day, you are having a great day.  If you think you had a great childhood, you had a great childhood.  If you think you have a great future, your future is going to be great.

Well, duh Loralyn, you are stating the obvious.  

Am I though?  

Have you gone to a party knowing you are going to have a crappy time?  Were you right?  You were right because your attitude created the expectation for a crappy time.  Your brain looked for situations to confirm your crappy time.

Ever bought a new car?  Ever noticed how many of that car were on the road after your purchased yours but you rarely noticed it beforehand?  You know everyone didn't run out and buy one at the same time as you, right?  This is just your brain making new connections.

So I'm going to put this here to open up the thought processes on this.  Take notice of the stories you tell yourself, the stories about your past, present, and future.  No action is required.  Let's just notice them for now.  

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