Stories To Fall in Love With


So far we've discussed a bit of storytelling in regards to our past, present, and future.  I thought I would share where this all came from.  

I read a book where the author was writing about their life, particularly their love life.  It was well written and I had practically fallen in love with their spouse by the end.  It was that engaging.  But the author had made some major changes in their life, including exploring their sexuality, divorcing, new marriage.  

I found myself baffled because it felt like their previous books had been lies.  And then I had an aha!

They were storytelling.  Not only that, but they are a phenomenal story teller.  They had written in such a way as to fall in love with the life they had and passed this love onto the reader.  

I instantly realized that I could utilize this to make massive change in my life.  

Not making the connection?  Have you ever been mad at someone?  Duh, you alive?

Have you ever been mad at someone and wrote a little story in your head about their motivation?  They are evil.  They are selfish.  Did you just see that?  That asshole!  They just fricking deliberately snubbed you.  Why did I marry Beardo?  He is the worst person to have EVER lived.  

And then I find out his back was hurting and he was trying to sit down and didn't even notice me.  He wasn't being selfish, he was caught up in the pain and was trying to decide if he needed to soak in the tub.  Yadda yadda yadda.  I'm THE asshole making it all about me.

What if....

Come on storytellers!  What if we start writing stories that assumes the best about the people around us?

It's ok if that is out of reach on a regular basis.  We are building our storytelling skills.  

Crack your knuckles.  Stretch your arms.  Sit yourself down in front of your proverbial internal keyboard and what stories can we begin with?  What story can you start with?

Hate exercise?  Is there something that you can find beauty in?  Let's start with baby steps.  How about a walk.  I love walks.  I love to feel the cool breeze against my skin.  Fall has such a relaxing earthy smell.  Look at how the trees are catching fire as the leaves change.  Have you ever noticed the birds in your area?  Write a story that will help you fall in love with something small.

Turn storytelling into your super power and your power will explode!

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