My Story - Just One Example


I am a fierce woman who passionately embraces life.  Building on my past to generate a deep compassion for those who have been abused and feel unloved, I provide love and light to shine a path out of that place to a place where we can thrive.  

I am brave and face my fears whether they are external fears or those nightmares that have been born within.  I encourage those aspects of myself to grow and become an ally to help me be the best that I can be.  

I feed myself foods that nourish my body.  I push my body to new limits so as to expand my understanding of just how very far I can go spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.  The only limit are the limits I choose and accept and for only as long as I agree to them.

My life is filled with abundance and my soul jumps with excitement to share that abundance.  

I believe in the power of love.  I believe in the power of the Universe.  I believe in me.  I am the Tiger.  I am the predator.  I am the Universe.  And I am the magick.  

I am the Queen of my realm and I am 100% that bitch.  I am empowered and I am power.  I am me and that's a pretty damn good thing.

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