What is wrong with you?


You are stupid.  You are fat.  You are inadequate.  You are ugly.  Look at your chin.  You will never be enough...

What is wrong with you?  I am sure you have a really long list.  You tell your loved ones that you hate your belly.  You talk to your friends about how awful your hair is.  Amongst your friends, it's basically a challenge to see how much you hate yourself.  You hate yourself?  Oh no!  I hate myself even more.

What the FUCK is wrong with a world where we encourage self loathing?  What the FUCK is wrong with a society that we teach our children to look at their bodies as less than perfect?  

There is nothing wrong with you.  There is something wrong with us!  

We can stop.  We can challenge ourselves to take that hate and turn it into things that we love about ourselves.  We can stop passing this curse on to our children.  

My stomach has held 7 amazing people that I am so beyond privileged to have given birth to.  My smile lines are a memorial to all the smiles and all the laughs I have enjoyed.  My curly hair makes me unique.  My extra fat in areas have been my amazing body making sure I have the resources I needed to survive past hurts.  

My body is a beautiful thing.  Yours is too.  There is not one thing wrong with you.  

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