Stories We Tell Ourselves

 Now let’s take a look at the stories we tell ourselves.  

I told myself that I could not run.  Over and over again.  It doesn’t matter that I had proof.  It doesn’t matter if you have proof.  It’s still a story I told myself.  I am currently running 16 miles a week and that increases each week as I train for my first marathon.  I had to tell myself a different story for that to change.

I hear often from people that they are too old to do something.  I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Science in Computer Science at the age of 40.  (Dude, don’t read that I’m saying that 40 is old).  I hear from people in the 20s, 30s, etc… that they are too old to go to college.  Did I mention that I graduated with Honors from one of the top schools in the nation?  Too old my ass.

Too broken.  Too old.  Too stupid.  Too…  I’m not saying go to college.  I’m not saying run the miles.  I am simply asking you to become aware of the stories you tell yourself and to acknowledge that’s what they are.  

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