If those are the words you use to describe yourself, those are the words you use to define yourself.

Stop and consider the labels you give yourself and how they impact the way you think, they way you behave.  Don't judge.  Just think of all the labels you give yourself.  For good or for bad.  Let's just become aware of them.

  • Perfectionist
  • Mother/Father
  • Lazy
  • Sloppy/Organized
  • Bossy
  • Meek
  • Spendthrift
  • Social butterfly
  • Stupid
  • Bad luck
  • Fat/Overweight/Gross
  • Student
  • Tall/Short
  • Angry
  • Compassionate
These labels will be from everything to how we look, how we dress, how we behave, our characteristics, our societal roles, shame, guilt, pride...

Do you have your list yet?  No?  I'm not your mother, unless I'm your mother, so go do it.  You are reading this for a reason.

Now that you have your list (Mother stink eyes given), spend a minute (or as long as you need) to consider the label.  How is that label impacting your life for good or bad?  Can you let go of the label?  Is there a better label that you could use?  Does the label lead to the life you crave?  

I'm not asking for you to go from lazy to not lazy and add in a bunch of non-lazy things.  I'm simply asking you to evaluate the labels you use and the stories you define your life by.  

Baby steps.  I am 100% about baby steps.  

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