City Fragrances - Le Labo Fragrances Reviews


Well Hello Dolly!

I have been an Angel by Thierry Muglar fan for a long time.  I've changed a lot since I started wearing it and have been wanting to find a new fragrance.

Enter Le Labo Fragrances.  So many crazy amazing scents!  Through the end of the month, they have their City fragrances available online.  After that, you have to purchase them in their corresponding cities.  

I'm not even going to describe these, because I'm not even going to pretend I can do anything more than "dey smellz purdy."  I found that I enjoyed all of the city samples.  I am having difficulty narrowing down to order a bottle of one of these before the end of the month.

If I had to order one under a gun, it would be Vanille 44.  It is more complex than vanilla, but has that warmth.  Second and third are tied with Aldehyde 44 and Bigarde 18.  

Bigarde 18 is bizarre.  It reminds me of Alien by Muglar.  It's an updated old lady fragrance and smells weird in one of those I don't know if I adore it or hate it and I keep smelling my wrist because I can't not smell it.  It's so weird that I feel like I should order it, but I'm worried that after wearing it for a few days I would hate it.  

I like Poivre 23 a lot.  The pepper is strong and unique.  It has a touch too much of a baby powder scent for me though.  

These babies are too expensive to order more than one.

Phil's very favorite for himself is Tabac 28.  Reminds me of when we met and he smelled of a mix of vanilla and pipe tobacco.  Warm and yummy.

My other favorites outside this group is Santal 33 and Bergamote 22.  I'm not typically a citrus fan, but I love all of Le Labo citrus based fragrances because they balance them out with something warmer depending on the formula.

I just wish I could afford them all.  Which is weird for me!

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