If you didn't know balance is a myth.  If there was balance, we would see that reflected in nature.  We don't.  We have droughts.  We have floods.  And if we look at a broader time period, we will see balance.  We will see floods that balance out droughts.

This is the same with our lives and punishing yourself over and over again for failing to create an abnormal and unsustainable life is ridiculous.

Are you experiencing a drought in your life?  I believe they are calling it the Quarantine 15.  Have you let your health slip?  That's ok.  Maybe it's time to bring that in focus.

But here is the thing.  We can do everything.  But we can't do everything now.  

In order to change your focus, you will lose time elsewhere.  And that is perfect.  Maybe you have some unhealthy habits that you can let go of to compensate.  Don't be surprised though if you find that your spiritual life slips as your health life improves... or some other area.

Life is a continual adjustment to where your focus is now.  Be at peace with this dear one and you will find so much more life satisfaction!

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