Preparing for the Crone


I am way too excited for the dark times this particular year.  I am looking forward to Fall, watching trees catch fire as leaves change color, cardigans, boots, and rest.  

For me Samhain (aka Halloween or the Witches New Year), represents the Crone.  Picture a wizened woman rocking in front of a stone fireplace, scrying in the flames of past, present, and future things. She is taking inventory.  Casting judgement on this past year.  Seeking where the path was hazy.  Finding where the path is leading in the future.  Having the sight to know if this path is where the soul is leading or if a new path needs to be carved.  

Here is another image if this suits your preferences, the Hermit.  He has traveled up the mountain to be alone.  Wrapping his clothes about him, he turns inward and ponders the strength of his character.  He seeks the quiet so his mind can still and he can see real things again.  He can settle his spirit for true vision.   

When we turn our eyes inward, we allow ourselves to cast off the illusions of our physical world.

In preparation, I am refreshing myself on the tarot.  I have a deep need right now for some connection to my inner workings and I find divination an excellent way for me to externalize my internal world.  

I love hearing what others are doing so I thought I would share.  If you know anything about me, you know my deep abiding love of Rev. Paul Beyerl.  This book is my very most favorite piece he has ever written which I think says a lot.

This is an excellent book for learning the tarot.  Seriously!  

Want a super quick crash course?  Check out: Learn Tarot In a Day .  

The Rider-Waite deck is probably the best tarot deck to learn on as the imagery contains so many symbols that speak to the unconscious as well as helps you learn the cards meaning.  I just picked up this deck and really love them.  They use the same artwork, but the colors are more saturated.  The cards themselves have a heftier feel.  They are also a bit slippery which isn't my favorite.  

And these bad boys are just awesome!  I got these for meditation purposes.  Focus on the card, close your eyes and then travel into the card.  Make it come alive.  What does the card feel like?  How can you use this energy to learn the lesson underneath?  How can you use this to manifest outcomes, manifest feelings?  How joyous would you feel embracing the fool as she starts her new endeavor?

We are still in the harvest season.  Finish this harvest strong.  Give it your all.  Don't start your rest period before it is time or it can go stagnant, but begin preparing for the Crone.  Start prepping your Hermitage.  

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