Raise Your Standard

We need to become the leading figure in our own personal cause for growth and a life well lived.  What will be on the banner that your raise in your own growth?  Freedom is on mine.  Compassion is on mine.  Growth is on mine.  

I am not standing on my soap box here preaching crap I don't believe in.  Each time I write about growth, I write to myself.  These are love letters to myself.

2 weeks ago, we woke early and got to work.  No exercise.  No journal.  Put our heads down and knocked out massive work on our deck.  We created a retreat for ourselves here at the house that we've named Watkiki.  It exactly what I was dreaming about.

But, I took a couple days off.  And it's turned into a little over 2 weeks.  This goes against what I say my standard is.  It is time I draw my line in the sand.  It is time to raise my standard and be my own standard bearer.  

Not kicking myself at all.  I enjoyed the break.  At the same time, I can tell you I truly enjoy and thrive on my morning rituals.  I thrive on foods that nourish my body.  I thrive on a schedule.  

What do you thrive on?  What are you currently a standard-bearer for?  Is there any lack of congruence there?

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