and my prayer is pure

My face is red with weeping,
dark shadows ring my eyes;
yet my hands have been free of violence
and my prayer is pure.  - Job 16: 16-17

Let's try something.  I have a feeling this will help for when dark times comes upon us.  Because let's get real.  You are IN a dark time.  You are coming OUT of a dark time.  Or you are about to head INTO a dark time.  That is a fact of life and in it's own way the beauty  of life.

Reflect back on the dark times you've had.  Things are utter hopeless.  It feels never ending.  It feels like this hard time is the new normal and there will never be light again.

And then magic happens.  

pause here.

Dark times.  Then magic happens.  

I believe in magic.  I believe the in the power of focusing intention.  

And My Prayer is Pure!

And my prayer is pure.  Can that be anything other than focused intention.  Can that be anything other than will

I challenge you to ponder on this and look at the cycles of your dark times.  Break it down into it's components.  What can you learn from them to aid you in your future dark times?

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