Every Voice

Today as I was working on another project I realized that I wanted to share a portion of it here.  This is part of my writing on healing the past.  May my heart be heard here:

Sometimes it is our own selves placing the curse on us.  Again like those coping mechanisms that kept us safe, maybe we told ourselves something to keep us safe and we unconsciously accepted it.  Or we might acknowledge it’s there without stopping to think to challenge it.  Maybe if we stuck our head up as a child we got whacked.  Not wanting to continue in life’s whack-a-mole we tell ourselves that we can’t speak up.  We tell ourselves that we have no voice.  

This is powerful right now as I sit writing this as the Black Lives Matter movement is so strong.  Just in the last few years we’ve watched as black men tried to use their voice to require justice and we watched as they were knocked down.  Today, it is time for all voices to call out for justice.  This is the healthy and right thing.  Even if you were told you had no value.  Even if you were told to keep your head down and to not challenge the status quo.

Today, we use our voice as a people to cry out against injustices.  Today we use our voice to allow those who have been shut down and shut up to speak out loud those dark truths.  Today we work to undo our father’s sins! 

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