Your Relationship with Food

This isn't profound and may be something you've already considered, but maybe it's time to reconsider it or take it to a new level.  Here goes:

When you were a child, when you were feeling especially loved, there was most likely cake involved and your favorite food. 

When you are feeling unloved today, in order to boost your feelings of love, or to self medicate, you may reach for that cake and favorite foods again. 

Don't beat yourself up for it either!  Know that whenever you are feeling off and unsafe, your brain find ways as a protective mechanism to make you safe again.  It is evolutionary. 

So then how do we make forward progress? 

We need our subconscious to know we are safe.  We can do this with subliminals, hypnosis, and with affirmation.  Simply tell yourself, "I am safe.  I am loved.  I eat foods that support my health goals."  or "I am a mother fucking badass.  I am loved and I fucking love myself.  I love kale."

Just be authentic when talking to yourself and most importantly, be COMPASSIONATE as you take this deeper.   

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