Power of Not Failing - Start Small

If you find yourself in an endless loop of failure and you are feeling hopeless, how do you continue moving forward?

First, failure only happens when you quit. 

Second, try a smaller version/aspect.

Third, don't break promises to yourself.

What does this look like?

  • Instead of running daily, 
    • put on your running shoes daily
    • walk to your mailbox and back
    • run for 2 minutes
  • Instead of eating healthy, 
    • remove 1 food from your diet that you know you shouldn't be eating
    • eat 1 healthy meal a day
    • use a smaller plate
  • Instead of getting more sleep,
    • set an 'in bed by' time
    • set an alarm and get up no matter what
    • set a no screen time after X p.m.

Once you have turned this smaller item into a habit, you've had success.  This success allows for momentum to build.  This momentum gives power and strength to your future goals and habits. 

What is something small that your future self with thank you for?

Get it! 

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