January 2020 Review and Setting Intention for February

How am I coming along with my long term goals?

With my monthly focus?

With my health goals?

Let's look things over:

 Quit vaping
 Weight goal for the year (below 170 lbs.)
 Lost 1.5" from right calf
 Lost 2" from waist
 Lost 1.5" from right bicep
 Lost 3.9% body fat (approx. due to unreliable measurement)
 Paid down $4,000 in debt
 No clothing purchased

Areas that I did not make improvement:
Nothing lost on right thigh
⨯ No progress on Master Herbalist program

Review of my focus on spiritual energy:
Prayers: What I learned is that I need to focus on the intent of prayer instead of making a checkbox to tick.  If it's just a checkbox, I can stop doing it.  If my prayer time is spent with intent, then it is a valuable use of my time.  My intent for February is to continue focusing on intent with prayer.

Journey: I journeyed for an hour every Saturday and Sunday.  This was an extremely valuable use of my time.  HUGE!  My intent moving forward is to journey every Saturday and Sunday without a time limit.  

Meditation: For January, I followed a guided meditation for 2 minutes daily.  I really suck at staying present and not traveling when I meditate.  I had a couple good days and felt really refreshed so I am going to continue this experiment through February.

Church: We went to a Catholic church for January and I personally really enjoyed it.  We are trying out different churches for the whole year and trying to find a church home so this wasn't just for January.  We are trying out a Baptist church for February.  

Bible reading: This wasn't just for January either.  I am reading through the bible this year and seriously wondering if this is busy work just so I can say I did it.  Still under evaluation.

Books on spiritual topics: Another HUGE thing.  I really loved this and how much it inspired me!  I read 6 spiritual books this month and will read 1 spiritual book per month going forward.  

Setting Intention for February:
For February, we are having sex, making loOoOove, every SINGLE day!  When I thought about things I would like to have energy for sex of course came to mind.  And it's 100% in my mind that I am too tired, too low energy, too whatever.  Now, I don't say no due to energy levels, but I definitely don't initiate sex due to energy levels.  This will be an interesting experiment due to our schedule.  I will also read a few books on this subject.  

We are also starting #75HARD.  I have been following a keto diet since November and will continue with that.  Our outdoor exercise will be a mix of working out in our driveway, walks, hikes, etc...  For our indoor exercise, we are following Core Performance.  For reading to start with High Performance Habits again.  

Continuing goals:

  • Lose 3% body fat
  • Lose 3 inches from body
  • Pay down $3,000 in debt
  • No clothing purchased
  • complete 3 Units in Master Herbalist program
  • church each week
  • journey on Saturday and Sunday
  • prayers
  • Bible reading
  • 1 spiritual book per month
Tonight we are having a gathering to bless our individual work for the year.  We are excited for it.  If you've heard of MyIntent, we purchased a similar, cheaper set to make our own bracelets, necklaces, keychains, etc... for the gathering.  As long as the Amazon.com gods are with us.  

I am 100% that BITCH and my life is LIMITLESS!

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