Improving Sleep

I probably have mention The 4-Hour Body in the past as being useful in ideas for improving sleep.  There is a section that focuses on issues around sleep and hacks to improve it.  I tried most everything mentioned and found only a couple items that helped me, but they massively made a difference.  

This is the light I am currently using.  I had one previously and this is the single thing in this world, YES THE ENTIRE WORLD, that has successfully helped me wake up earlier and fall asleep quickly.  As I'm a night owl, I use this approximately 15 minutes in the morning to set my body clock earlier.  There is POWER in the light.  Booyah!

I had been using these glasses all day long and found I was getting sleepy half way through the day.  I now use this when I get home in the evening to help block any blue lights.  I might look a little funny at yoga, but I sleep like a baby, even in child's pose!

And I am so glad I FINALLY decided to try a set of headphone sleep masks.  I listen to a brain wave sleep track that I will link below.  This eye mask blocks ALL light which is so badass.  My only qualm with this particular set is the controls are by the left side of my face and I hit the buttons in my sleep which is annoying.

There are some studies that support the use of brain wave audio as well as subliminals.  I am not going to argue for or against it as I firmly believe in the power of habit and believe if this can help beyond that, total SCORE.  I really love Kelly Howell's work and utilize several pieces.

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