Consider Making Life an Ally

"In a scene that captures the heart of the Vedic attitude towards plants, a doctor prepares to treat someone who is seriously ill.  After meditating on 107 healing herbs, the doctor blesses them and then blesses the patient.  The doctor praises him 'in whom the plants gather like kings in the assembly' and expresses his hope that 'the plants have driven out whatever wound was in the body' and that 'flying down from the sky, the plants spoke: that man shall not be harmed...'
Addressing a plant he is about to use, the doctor says, 'You are supreme, a remedy for need and a blessing for the heart.'  Then the doctor speaks to all plants, asking them to come to the aide of their compatriot about to be enrolled in medicinal duty: 'You growing plants who hear this, and those who have gone far away, all coming together, unite your power in this plant.'"
-Swerdlow, Joel L. Natures Medicine: Plants That Heal. National Geographic Society, 2000.
What a powerful piece of medicine if we set our medicines to be allies in our healing process?  Let's go beyond this and also consider making allies of our supplements, our food, our exercise, our bodies, our life...

What if we create our life to be an ally to our highest self?

What practice would you put into place if you were to seek your life as an ally to your truest self?  

What would your spiritual practices look like?

What would your meals look like?

What would exercise look like?

What would your mental space around things feel like?

Who would you be if your life supported the blueprint of your soul?

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