In The Bowl of Light, Hank Wesselman writes that the negative polarity of compassion is zeal.

"'Unfortunately, no amount of zeal will bring spiritual seekers into connection with what they conceive of as God.  In their zealous attempts to worship God or inflict their concept of God on others, they are blind to the fact that their personal creator and savior, the holy spirit who created them, is in actuality their own god-self, their Higher Self, their 'Aumakua - in a word themselves.'"
- The Bowl of Light

When we still ourselves, and just let ourselves be, just be, we know what we should be doing.  When we are BEINGS and not DOINGS.  This is our higher self.  This is the blueprint of our soul that is reaching out to our conscious self.  

"'Lawe 'ika ma'alea 'aku 'ono'ono'.  It is our job to take wisdom and make it deep." 
The Bowl of Light

Our job is to take the wisdom deep into our subconscious so that it can manifest in our conscious.  As the Magus says, 'As above, so below.'  We have this immense well of knowledge within us if we just allow ourselves to be.  If we have room in our lives for magic to blossom.  

Unfortunately so many of us ignore, silence, and learn to tune out this aspect of ourselves.  We will do things that are bad for us, feel real guilt over it as we choose to do it anyway, simply because it feels good all the while our inner self is crying out.  

You are made up of your sacrifices.  Allow for more BEing in your schedule, awaken, and watch magic blossom!

"Character, like a photograph, develops in darkness." 
-Yousuf Karsh

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