Planning for the New Year - 2020

This is me.  This is my plan.  Get your own!

Let me begin by saying that I began prepping my mindset before the new year and why I believe I have been so successful.  

I had been using a notebook to follow Rachel Hollis' Start Today journal practice mentioned here since June 2019.  Rachel issued a challenge towards the end of the year to finish it off strong.  For 90 days, commit to 5 things each day.  Click on the image to read more about it:

Basically, this taught me that I can do absolutely anything if I don't make it optional.  Whoa, did you catch that?  

I can do absolutely anything if I don't make it optional. 

Common sense.  Something I have known forever.  But there was something that resonated throughout my understanding of myself especially after having successfully completing this challenge.  

It also helped to understand that we all have limited self-control.  The difference between me and someone who is high performing is habits.  That's all.  If I change my habits, I will change who I am in the future.  James Clear would challenge us to ask ourselves, what is the 1% change I can make today?  

So I really thought about what type of person I want to be, what habits would that person have in place, and planned a course of success for developing those habits.  So here are my new habits and motivation behind them.

  • Once a month I call my 3 closest friends, not text, I call.  
    • I have healthy, meaningful relationships.
  • Twice a month I call my mom.
    • same reasoning as above.
  • I take a short walk twice a day during work hours.
    • I take healthy breaks.
  • I wash my face nightly.
    • I love my healthy skin.
  • I read a spiritual work every morning for 10 minutes.
    • I am spiritually healthy.
  • I have a weekly date night with my husband.
    • I am passionately in love with my husband.
  • I have a weekly kid night that is focused on one child at a time.
    • I am an involved mother.
  • I attend yoga 3 times a week.
    • I protect my health and flexibility.
There are a few others that as well, but that should give a good overview of the habits that I have put into place.  

This year is completely about building energy and habits for me.  What is your year about? 

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