I have been MIA.  Bad Blogger, no cookie! 

Remember how I talked about FOMO?  My friends are off partying.  I hear all the cool things they are doing.  I tag along to a couple.  Then I hear about what I have missed out on and I am disappointed.  I say I can't attend more than what I already am for fear for getting sick or sore.  So I convince myself I HAVE to go.  Recongize any of these arguments within yourself? 

I am bummed with myself for overcommitting again.  Yet, I cannot do anything about the past.  I can set new limit/parameters for myself and pray I hold true.  My new commitment to myself is one event a week unless it's a special occassion.  This means I will need to be choosy about what it is. 

In other news, our garden is coming together.  Tim has been working like crazy.  The radishes are almost all up.  I have to keep my schematic handy to remember what is where in the garden.  My family gave me fruit trees for Mother's Day and I hope to go pick them up today. 

Today I hope to take it easy and relax a lot.  Allow my body to heal from my lackluster decisions on my activities recently.  I am healthy.  I make healthy choices!

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