Raw Food, Real World Review

After I finished this book I looked up the authors online and what I found wasn't pretty.  I don't know why, but for some reason for me, this reflects on this book for me. 

In 2005, The New York Post reported on Matthew and Sarma's break-up. 

"While Melngailis claimed Kenney is in her debt to the tune of $500,000, Kenney countered that she had physically attacked him and bedded down with one of their restaurant's managers.

Kenney, 40, has since started sleeping with his hot 20-year-old assistant, Natasha - leading one observer to quip, "Maybe there's something to this raw food after all."

On Tuesday morning, after Kenney found out Melngailis would be moving furniture and her two cats out of the beautiful East Village apartment they used to share, Kenney, who still lives there, had NYPD detectives on hand to bust her for assault.

Kenney had previously filed police reports charging she'd punched him more than once and thrown "stools, grapefruits and phones" at him. She'd also left threatening notes showing knives stuck into vegetables. "

I know that some will not care about the above quote and will only care about the content of the book.  I returned this book to Amazon because of the domestic violence aspect and unless something changes I'm not sure I could support Sarma Melngailis in any way.  Same reason why I don't care for Samuel Jackson. 

On to the book...  This book contains more information and science behind why eating raw foods is good for you than the average recipe book.  The writing style is easy and enjoyable.  This makes it somewhat recommendable. 

If you LOVE to cook, this book is for you.  It is written by trained chefs and is more for the hobbyist, trained chef in my opinion as they use techniques and ingredient to create a more professional presentation. 

I really enjoy cooking, however, I do not have much time that I can set aside for it.  So for that reason alone, I wouldn't be able to use the recipes very often, nor do I have skills for some of the recipes. 

I think for the average beginner raw foodist there are two necessities to look for in a book 1) good information to back up the why of the diet and 2) easy recipes and ideas for super quick fixes for the average busy person.  This book kind of has number 1 down and not so much on number 2. 

I was really disappointed as my personal go to book for fun recipes is Going Raw by Judita Wignall.  She says that Raw Foods, Real World is her raw foods bible.  Wignall is a trained chef and she does have several recipes that are similar (inspired?) by Raw Foods, Real World.  However, the big difference between the two is that Wignall has created simplier recipes with step by step instructions with photographs. 

If you can only afford one book, I would recommend Going Raw.  If you don't care about the authors' history and you are a trained chef/hobbyist, you might prefer Raw Foods, Real World.  :)

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