Day Three

Today is day three of my cleanse.  I have made it further than I thought I would, but I am hoping to go the full 10 days. 

Most people go off their medications for this cleanse.  Meds can carry a lot of metals and other stuff that can develop into their own set of problems.  Not that I'm telling you anything new. 

Yesterday afternoon I realized I hadn't taken my meds for that day which really surprised me as I am usually very aware of it within a few hours.  I hadn't planned on going off my meds but now I am curious.  In the evening time I ended up taking a half dose.  This morning things were hurting bad enough that I took a full dose, partially because I'm going to be in various offices throughout the day and those chairs are hard enough as it is. 

So yes, definitely feeling the pain, BUT not nearly as much as usual. 

Day Three, Four, and Seven are supposed to be the worst.  Day Three and Four because of healing crisis.  Fingers crossed it isn't too bad.  So far its just sneezing and running nose....

Isabella is getting braces today.  Madalyn is getting spacers and then braces in a week.  So fun!  :p  And Lily is home sick and my immune system is taxed to the point with this cleanse that I am more than usually susceptible.  Joy.  :)

See yas laters!

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