Amidst a Cleanse

I have been a slacker.  I left my phone in Seattle on Saturday by accident and since it was on vacation I guess I took a slight one as well.  Not fully true as I have been active, just not as much as lately. 
Today is Day Six of my cleanse.  I am doing The Master Cleanse.  I decided on it as 1) it's a common one for raw foodists 2) readily available materials and 3) the information on the cleanse is simple and again readily available. 

Here is my favorite site for information on it: .  There are several books on this cleanse as well.  I read the samples of two of them on Kindle and decided that I had enough information at this point to move forward without reading the books and more important books to read at that time. 

I have not been as active as I should and I don't know how to feel about that.  I haven't detoxed as much as I thought and I think its because of the reduced activity.  Maybe that's a good thing and maybe I'm not getting the most benefit from the cleanse as I could. 

Today isn't the best day for me.  Fatigue and a sense of disconnect is prevalent today.  It's been the only day so far that I have felt like this.  Writing this and focusing on this is difficult.  I might try a walk after I'm done to see if it helps.  I tried my light therapy for an extended period of time and it didn't help (unusual!).  There are a number of signs of detoxing and fatigue is one of them.  So that's good.

Here are some things I've noticed so far that are side notes of this cleanse:

(hold on, I forgot....)  Oh yeah, I have a big sweet tooth and probably a raging candida problem, but I haven't craved sweets at all.  Doritos, fritos, shredded beef, sour cream, etc...  I am quite surprised.  I might buy myself a bag of doritos once or twice a year.  And fantom taste is sooo real.  I've heard of it, but until Day Four when I was sitting in the tub and I could taste a frito clearly.  I haven't had one in probably a year. 

Freedom and pride.  I feel lighter in my body and I don't mean weight loss.  I don't feel as clogged, I feel like the energy is flowing better through my meridians.  And pride, not everyone can have the discipline to follow through and I definitely haven't most of the time, but I am developing that within myself and I'm doing it NOW, not someday! 

Emotions and negative patterns: I have read and heard several people say recently that they are in a healthy place where they don't have to take shit from other people, that they have the power to stand up for themselves.  Stay with me here as I'm going to get to my point in a round about way...

In studying the Havamal (from the Elder Edda) we learn that Odin teaches that a man's true character comes out with drink.  So true.  Well, I have had a thought running through my head that takes it a step further: that a man's true character comes out in times of conflict. 

When a cashier is being snotty why does that require an equal response on my part?  Why is that standing up for myself?  I don't need to take on or spread that snottiness like its a virus.  I can be confident in myself (who I am at the center of my being) and at peace with myself and be removed from the situation.  I do not need to become attached to the actions of others. 

There has been a lot going on in my life recently and some of my true character is coming out and some of it I don't like.  It's amazing the excuses that we make: that person was an ass so therefore I had to...  You know what I mean? 

I am very blessed to be around so many people that are willing to draw out my true character so that I can refine who I am.  What a beautiful thought, eh? 

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