4 Weeks Raw

I went 100% raw 4 weeks ago.  How do I feel?  Better than I have in a long while!  Hold on just a sec....  <you hear a chair creak and footsteps away, some talking in the distance, footsteps drawing near again, and then someone flopping into a chair>

K, I'm back.  So I went and asked Tim what he would say if I was going back to my usual diet.  He said, "why?  You are losing weight and feeling better so why would you want to do that?"  He has made a few unsolicited comments about how I look better and look like I have more energy.  A man did that!  And get this, Anna, a TEENAGER, said that I looked like I was feeling much better and she noticed how I am more active now.  So you know something is up when a teenager notices something other than themselves or their boyfriends...  hehehe. 

I don't have a metabolism.  It quit.  It called me nasty names and walked out on me a few years ago.  I sobbed and pleaded for it to come back.  I left out treat to try to coax it.  I read up on some of its favorite foods and activities and nothing...  someday I hope to get a new one, but first I think I shall create a healthier environment for it and it will stick around longer.

Ok seriously, prior to Isabella I even thought of losing weight and I did.  I lost baby weight very quickly, quickly enough that the neighbor ladies would all shoot daggers of envy at me.  Seriously, one won't even talk to me any more.  Let's be realistic: it is no longer baby weight when your kids are in college!  No, I didn't say that to her... hehehe.

OK, really seriously.  Over the last few years Tim and I have gone on diets together and he easily loses twice the weight that I do.  I haven't lost weight like I would have in the past, but I am really happy with my weight loss for who I am in this moment. 

In 4 weeks I've lost 10 lbs.  The first 5 was in the first 3 days.  Then monthly which held up weight loss for 2 weeks and since then it has been slowly sliding off. 

I am not raw to lose weight though and I don't want to give that impression.  I am on a raw diet to help my immune system and other physical issues.  I am on a raw diet as I feel healthier, lighter, more blissful than when I'm not. 

This year is about setting habits that will make me happier, healthier, and more successful.  Next month's habit is yoga.  I chose yoga because it can be tailored to my ability to move from moment to moment.  It isn't high impact and shouldn't use up all of my resources like other forms of exercise at the moment.  I also will be studying the beliefs behind what we think of yoga for a more holistic approach, but that's for another post. 

If you remember I said that I would reassess my diet goals at the end of the month.  I have decided to stay 100% raw for a while.  I will reassess at the end of April.  To be honest I can't believe I almost said that.  It's like I lie all the time and have to preface when I'm not... sheesh.  Ok, so I am thinking that I will be 100% raw for a while.  I have a lot to heal in my body and the more nutrient rich foods I can give it the quicker the healing will take place.

What is Raw Foods?

I have been asked this a lot lately and it keeps getting repeated and I think its cuz I haven't slowed down to truly answer that question.

Raw foods are fruits, vegetables, sea vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains that are eaten uncooked or "cooked" with temperatures under 98-118 degrees.  There is debate on the temperature. 

Why?  The main reasons are simple: to retain minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.  Plant foods contain the enzymes needed to digest them.  Those enzymes die when heated.  The aging process and ultimately death and enzyme loss are correlated.  When you are requiring your body to break down the foods you eat without the assistance of the plant's enzymes you create a  burden which your body has to reroute its resources in order to consume those foods instead of its natural function of restoration, repair, etc... 

What about protein?
Did you know that plant foods have between 5-10% protein.  And some foods even higher.  The ADA recommends that our diets should consist of 6% protein.  Not only that, but plant proteins are easily assimilated and readily used by the body.  Can't be said of animal protein at all.  Animals are a poor source of protein. 

What about dairy/calcium?
Don't get me started, lol.  Humans are not meant to breastfeed past our infancy.  We are not meant to pack around our bah bahs as adults.  Lactose Intolerance?  Did you know that humans are allergic to milk?  Not some humans, all humans.  You know the phlegm that builds up in your throat?  No?  Ask a singer.  Drinking milk before a performance is a big no no.  That phlegm is an allergic reaction.  The protein in milk is considered invasive by our bodies and it strikes out at the intrusion. 

Calcium?  Many foods carry calcium in them and some foods in much higher doses than dairy.  Did you know that milk drinking countries (US, Sweden, etc...) have higher rates of osteoporosis than non milk drinking countries?  Milk isn't healthy and it isn't a healthy source of calcium. 

If you HAVE to have dairy, goats milk is much easier on the human body.  Do some research.  It is quite upsetting what we are told.  And I am not happy how subsidized foods that are poor sources of nutrients are compared to nutrient dense foods!!!  <stomps around shaking fist at the gov>  :)

So, do you eat salads all day?
You certainly can.  Some raw foodists have rules on what to eat when, how much of certain types, etc...  However most raw foodists are laid back.  Here are some simple tips:

Juiced and blended foods give your digestive system a break.  This can be very helpful if your body needs extra healing. 

Eat a variety.  If you make sure to switch your foods up you won't need very many supplements or no supplements at all. 

Eat sprouts often.  They really give you an enzyme boost. 

Check out some books, websites, on further information and some fun recipes.  If you are not a chef and you don't like to cook as it is don't expect yourself to fix fancy raw foods that take hours or days to whip up.  Keep it simple. 

If you do love cooking, add in a few recipes that take more preparations. 

I find it very helpful to have some foods on hand that don't require work.  I get tired easily and sometimes its the choice of grabbing a piece of fruit or not eating at all. 

Here is my normal foods I eat:
Juice and or
Smoothie: I like 2 frozen bananas, 1 cup water, a handful of pumpkin seeds, a couple of dates for sweetness, and my superfoods (spirulina, maca, bee pollen, raw cacao nibs atm) or
granola and almond milk (lots of raw recipes out there, try a few and raw almond milk is super easy)

fruit or
salad or
granola and almond milk when I'm really lazy

Salad or
hummus and crudites
sandwiches such as yesterday

I try out a couple of new recipes a week to keep it fresh.  I like having a "uniform" meal, but I also will eventually get bored and dissatisfied with my diet if I don't try out new things. 

Something to Consider
Consider eating more raw than what you are now.  Are you eating 50% of your foods uncooked?  How would you do on 70% raw?  Do you have a serious medical issue?  Consider transitioning into 100% raw.  More and more naturopathic doctors are using 100% raw diets to heal major illnesses and diseases. 

Did you know that many people have healed themselves with raw foods?  Diabetes, arthritis, cancer, structural issues such as scoliosis, asthma, etc... 

Something Else to Consider
One belief in our health issues today is that our bodies are acidic.  We are meant to have an alkaline system and yet many/most of the average American's diet is made up of acidic foods.  Did you know that almonds are the only alkaline nut?  Good to know, eh? 

Did I not address your question?  Have more questions on recipes or what to see more posted here?  Just let me know!

How about some inspiration?  Check out these befores and afters:

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