Financial Security

Get A Life, Not A Job by Paula Caligiuri is a little (209 pages) book packed with inspiring thoughts on how to become more fulfilled and financially secure in our current climate. This book was free when I purchased it as I love to troll the free section of Amazon. I'm glad it did as I tend to focus on one thing at a time and she really recommends focusing on what you love to do and finding multiple ways to make money from that.

"Multiple career acts are liberating because they enable you to allocate your time across those career acts you enjoy and shed those career acts you don’t enjoy." (Kindle Locations 118-119)

Caligiuri gives tips on how to excel in Corporate America via the typical avenues, i.e. dress, mentoring, modeling, underpromosing... However, here is a tip I hadn't heard before: "Promises on deadlines—With respect to deadlines, I offer the opposite advice. Producing something ahead of time can be interpreted negatively—as if you are not expending the appropriate level of effort on the work product. Promise and adhere to the most realistic deadline possible. Deliver when you say you will deliver. If you are finished ahead of time, use the time to improve the quality of the work product." (Kindle Locations 281-284)

Personally, this is what I took away from this book: Develop several avenues of money, especially passive sources, ie royalties, renting of property, etc... Take skills, hobbies, and talents you currently possess to create additional income sources from. For me one such example would be as a knitting instructor.

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